Blocked Drains

Leaks are part and parcel to owning a home.  Early detection and leak repair can help save costs.  Whether it is merely the washer on the tap or a leaking pipe, the cost of letting the leak go without repair can add up over time.

If you see any of the following, you may have a leak:

  • A sudden and unexplained increase in water usage, consistently high water usage, or an increase in water usage that climbs as a steady rate over time.
  • An uneven or warping floor or a structure that begins to lean.
  • A spot that seems excessively wet in a landscaped area.
  • Water pooling on the ground in any area.
  • Any area that has an excessive amount of mold or moss, appears soft and mushy, which is surrounded by dry areas.
  • A drop in water pressure that is noticeable.
  • A sink hole or pothole.
  • Cracked pavement or pavement which is heaving.
  • A problem with water which appears dirty.
  • Breaks in water stream which may be air in the water supply.

If you want to check for leaks, make a schedule and do the following:

  • Check for extremely wet areas around your house.
  • Examine your equipment, such as checking your outside exposed pipes for leakage.
  • Keep accurate records for the same month the previous years.

For more minor leaks, check for the following:

  • The sounds of running toilets.
  • Drips coming from the taps.

If you suspect you have a leak, turn off the water source at the valve and call Jackson & Cooper Plumbing to get it repaired as soon as possible.  If you have a major leak, such as sounds of rushing water or can see mass amount of water escaping any location on your property, turn of the water to your home and call us immediately!

No one likes to have to spend money, especially in this economy, however, what starts out as a minor leak can turn into a major problem.  If it can be fixed before it reaches epic proportion, your plumbing bill will be less and your water bill will be less, as well.

Pipe leaking
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